Hafid Abdelmoula

Hafid Abdelmoula is a multitalented Moroccan-American film director, screenwriter, actor, and singer based in the USA. His most renowned fantasy-mystery film, “Broken Gaiete/Village”, released in 2021, received 15 nominations and 5 wins at notable film festivals, including, Best Film at the Santa Fe Film Festival, and Best Director at the El Paso Film Festival, Madrid International Film Festival, and World Music & Independent Film Festival in 2021. He holds a Bachelor in Film from the New Mexico State University and an MFA in Directing from the Vermont College of Fine Arts. Originally from Morocco, Hafid gravitated towards drama and music from a tender age and was involved with the Musical Conservatoire, the local theatre, and his college drama artist club. In 1996, he won best singer on Morocco’s 2M channel and soon after relocated to the USA to pursue his dreams. Intertwined and rooted, on and offscreen, Abdelmoula’s ethnic background, traditions, and multicultural diversity bestowed upon him the understanding of various cultures, as his multilingual ability to speak numerous languages including Arabic, French, English, and Berber just to name a few, serve as his liberation from the confines of a specific culture. Bringing his dynamic artistry, vision, and creativity to life over the years, Abdelmoula wrote and directed a slew of short films including, the award-winning “The Wall in the Garden”, “Human, a Depressed Machine”, “Baby”, “Religified” and his latest finished short “Arto”. Building on his recent successes, Abdelmoula is currently working on his upcoming Action fantasy film, “Broken Gaiete II- Aevium”, “Invisible Shackles”, A Moroccan Historic Film “Allal The Painter” and a comedy mini-series entitled “Not Again.” On the path to crest the pinnacle of his creative journey, and elevating his artistry to impressive new heights; Abdelmoula simply transcends boundaries while his aptitude for natural storytelling grows and connect with persons from different walks of life on a global, community, and personal level.