Queneesha Monique

Queneesha Meyers was born in Brooklyn New York where her love forbaking started when she was around 10 or 11 years old. She found a recipefor chocolate chip cookies on a bag of fl our at her grandmother’s house. Sheused her allowance to purchase additional ingredients, baked the cookies andgave them to the kids in her neighborhood in Brooklyn. After serving 10years in the Air Force, she started baking for friends and family. In 2009 shestarted renting a commercial kitchen space to bake out of for her clients atthe time. In 2013, ALBUQUERQUE the magazine featured her cupcakebouquet and red velvet cheesecake in their mother’s day guide. Her businesstook off and she was named a top fi ve bakery without having a physicalbakery. In 2014 she opened her storefront.

Her bakery has won numerous awards and she’s been featured in nationalmagazines such as Party Style and she was in the promo commercial for BiteClub on the food network with Tyler Florence. Facebook has also featuredher bakery on billboards in Albuquerque, DC and via commercials onFacebook, instagram and YouTube. Additionally, she uses her bakery to giveback to the community. She hosts a drive for Distributing Dignity whichprovides bras with tags and feminine hygiene products to homeless women,she also works with the local NSBE jr chapter and helps to raise funds fortheir regional and national conferences. This year, she will be launching ascholarship fund for those interested in culinary arts. She’s also used herspace as a business incubator for another upcoming bakery and an all naturalbody products line. Q’s Cakes has won numerous awards throughoutAlbuquerque and was featured in the Wall Street Journal. She was also onseason 13 of the Great Food Truck Race, Carnival Eats, PBS New Mexicoand Good Morning America.

In 2021 Q was hired as a stand-in for actress Kim Whitley for a new series.Soon after she landed a role as a stand-in and photo double for Queen Latifah when she fi lmed in New Mexico. She has baked cakes and goodiesfor several movie and tv stars and is now expanding into acting, modelingand public speaking. Queneesha is also an ordained minister and the motherof 3 daughters ages, 24, 22, and 20.