Jeffrey Gonzales

Jeffrey Gonzales is an independent film maker/producer and audio engineer working in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Born and raised in Santa Fe, Jeff is a true New Mexican local.  He has been involved in radio and television his entire life.

Growing up, he worked with his father and cousins at their local radio station, KSWV.

He worked cameras and helped run cable at the television station that his grandfather built, owned, and operated for 20 years, KCHF TV 11.

Jeffrey graduated from Columbia Academy of Broadcast and Recording Arts in Vancouver, BC.  He worked as boom op on Jon Moritsugu’s new film, “Numbskull Revolution,” as well as several Local NM commercials, including the HWA for NM advertising campaign.

He produced and ran sound on Mark Anthony Dellas’s new movie “La Sombre” (Santa Fe Film Festival official selection.)

Recently, Jeff has starting making his own films with Michael Barela.  Currently Jeff & Michael have their latest film, “Shanghai Bunny,” as an official selection for the Santa Fe Film Festival!

Jeff is currently working with Al Garcia, Emmett McKinley, Bronson Dunphy, Michael Barela, Cheyenne Powers, and Matt Anderson starting a non-profit organization, the Santa Fe Independent Film Club.

The Santa Fe Independent Film Club is a non-profit organization, dedicated to creating quality content in order to support the local independent film maker. They are currently being fiscally sponsored by New Mexico Film Resource non-profit.