Pia Hosick Reeves

Pia Hosick Reeves describes herself as a good natured country girl, and she certainly is all that. Reeves was born and raised in Thousand Oaks, California and soon moved to the land she loves-New Mexico. In 2011, she started working with Hertz and quickly became the go to person to work with in the Film Industry. For nearly a decade Reeves has worked with an array of Professional Filmmakers, extending them the most professional and efficient service to make their New Mexico Filmmaking Experience top notch. Pia is “On Call” 24/7 to assure that she is always available to the booming film industry’s productions.

“I always strive to serve every client the best service, whether it is a Picture Car or just needing to find a rental for a crew member for the weekend. I have always said no show is to big or too small to offer them excellent options and service.” States Reeves.

As you can see, not everyone can do this job, but Pia does it well and has for nearly a decade now. Pia is one of the reasons that the New Mexico Film Industry can rely on excellent, reliable, efficient and friendly service from Hertz.