Independent Filmmaker (Writer/Director/Producer) Rod McCall came to the world of independent filmmaking by way of writing, architecture, animation, Madison Avenue, and academia. He has directed, written & produced feature films, documentaries, and countless award- winning TV commercials. He was one of the founders of The Creative Media Institute at New Mexico State University, where he taught storyboarding & directing.

McCall’s features include “LEWIS & CLARK & GEORGE,” a pitch black “trash noir” comedy starring Rose McGowan, “BEING ROSE,” starring Cybill Shepherd, James Brolin and Pam Grier and “BECOMING EDUARDO,” (2010) stars Julian Alcaraz, Elizabeth Pena and A Martinez. McCall directed, produced and wrote the script from a novella by LouAnne Johnson (author of the novel that became the film “DANGEROUS MINDS”). “BECOMING EDUARDO” has become a film festival “darling,” winning many awards in the US and Europe.

Before McCall got into movies he directed TV commercials for a long list of international clients at MIDOCEAN MOTION PICTURES, where he received seven CLIO nominations. McCall supervised sequences for NBC’s “SATURDAY NIGHT, LIVE!”–most notably the familiar SNL “Subway” opening. McCall then established McCALL/COPPOLA at FILMFAIR, with studios in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and London. Again, many of the spots he created were nominated for (and won) major international awards.

Rod McCall resides in a newly constructed house, of his own design, on a mountain top in rural New Mexico where he rides horses, cooks, writes, entertains, and, from which, he travels to Hollywood and New York.